The New Zealand Primary Production select committee is currently considering the Animal Welfare Amendment Bill, which amends the Animal Welfare Act 1999 to ban the export of livestock by sea.

As demonstrated by our 12-Step Framework, AUSTREX NZ has, for several years, called for better regulation of live animal exports to ensure the safety and wellbeing of animals across the industry.

We believe that New Zealand can lead in developing the highest animal welfare standards for live animal exports in the world.

AUSTREX NZ is a member of Livestock Export New Zealand, and we strongly support the amendment to the Bill that proposes the implementation of a Gold Standard that sets up New Zealand as a world leader in animal welfare standards for live exports.

The Gold Standard would require:

The Gold Standard would not only provide the highest animal welfare standards but avoids counterintuitive impacts on both animal safety (globally and domestically) and New Zealand’s trading reputation and interests.

By including an option for adopting word-leading standards for the live export of cattle for breeding, our proposed amendment:

Prohibition of live animal exports for New Zealand means our country, with our world-leading primary sector practices, will be unable to lift animal welfare standards of live animal exports globally.


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